These Airlines & Airports Were The Most Likely To Lose Your Luggage This Year

One of the most frustrating things you can experience while traveling is standing by the luggage carousel, waiting for your luggage, only to come to the realization that it is not there. It can really put a damper on your trip, since it’s not just a terrible feeling to be without your things, but having to deal with the logistics of trying to find your bag can be overwhelming, not to mention a huge hassle.

These Airlines And Airports Were Most Likely To Have Baggage Related Issues

Some airlines and airports are better than others when it comes to recovering baggage, so it’s good to arm yourself with the knowledge of which places will be more helpful in case you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation. According to a study done by Price4Limo, a limo booking agency, showed that 78% of the people they surveyed said they do get nervous while checking a bag.

Creative strategist for Price4Limo Rachel Kirsch shared with Travel + Leisure: “Losing luggage is always a painful ordeal, regardless of the airport or airline you fly out of. Regardless of where you travel, lost luggage can be a nightmare come true. Unfortunately, odds are if it hasn’t happened to you already, it’ll likely happen at some point during your travels.”

The airline that was guilty of losing the most baggage in 2022 was American Airlines, who lost 850 bags for every 100,000 check bags. Next in line were JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines.

In terms of airports that lost the most luggage, O’Hare International Airport in Chicago experienced the most complications, then Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, and followed by San Diego International Airport.

Losing Your Luggage Can Be Seriously Overwhelming

A whopping 72% of travelers that lost their bags said that they had lost an item that was irreplaceable along with the bag.

This summer, the problems with checked bags came to a peak as the airlines and airports struggled to get things back to normal after experiencing staffing shortages and air traffic control issues.

This is not a new trend, as in 2021, the number of bags that were lost, delayed, damaged, or stolen actually went up by 24%.

If you do find yourself in this situation, notify the airline immediately and make sure you have your baggage claim slip that’s given to you at check in. It’s best if you have a photo of your luggage so you can show the employees exactly which bag has gone missing and to prove the condition it was in, in case it was damaged before you get it back.

Always Notify The Airline Immediately