This Los Angeles Speakeasy Bar Is Blockbuster Themed

A Friday night in the 1990’s often meant heading to your local Blockbuster and hunting down which movies you wanted to rent for the weekend. You could also spend some time looking through the candy selection at the store in order to sweeten up movie night.

When Blockbuster was shut down (except for one lone remaining branch!), it was the end of an era. In order to capitalize on the nostalgia many of us feel about the video rental store, a Los Angeles bar is opening up a Blockbuster themed speakeasy.

Bucket Listers, The Blockbuster Pop Up Bar

According to Food & Wine, Bucket Listers, the pop-up bar, will be opening up and will be officially licensed by the Blockbuster brand, so you can be sure it will be the most authentic experience possible.

To get the full experience, patrons will browse through several aisles of movies in order to choose their cocktail, which they can get with their “membership card,” aka their drink ticket.

Browse Through Movies To Select Your Cocktail

The pop-up’s announcement read: “Instead of grainy VHS tapes, guests will choose from themed beverages inspired by only the best 90’s and 2000’s movie releases. Make sure to check out each recipe ‘synopsis’ on the back before bringing any selection to the checkout counter where a Blockbuster bartender will whip up the libation. The full bar menu will also include throwbacks like Gusher and Yoo Hoo based cocktails, Zima, Vodka & Tab, Crystal Clear Pepsi, Orbitz, and other nostalgic drinks.”

The tickets to the bar are available online for $45 tickets, which includes two cocktails. Of course, the bar is available only to those who are 21 ad over.

The Cocktails Will Also Be Nostalgia Themed